GyroTools - Magnetic Resonance Solutions
GyroTools - Magnetic Resonance Solutions
Advancing Magnetic Resonance Diagnostics   

  R1      Pulse Programming Course
   March, 19-23 2018, Zurich

Intended for basic scientists who wish to modify MR scan software, this 5-day course provides background information about the Philips MR system and introduces to practical pulse programming including extended exercises and hands-on.

This course will use the Philips Paradise Software release 5.4, with the new C++ objects

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  R2      Research Tools and Data Handling Course
   September 2018, Zurich

Targeting basic and clinical scientists, this 4-day course provides background knowledge and hands-on of various research options: modification of pulse sequences without programming, analysis of image artifacts, handling of different image and research data formats, connecting hardware to the system, post-processing using the PRIDE platform, image reconstruction with RECON 2.0 and ReconFrame, and others more.

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  R1&2      Pulse Programming + Research Tools and Data Handling Course
   Fall 2018, Zurich

If you book both courses together you get a course fee reduction of 1300 Euros. Please fill out the registration form for both courses under R1 and R2.

  S1      Advanced Spectroscopy Course
   not yet planed. Please contact us.

Advanced Spectroscopy Course provided in collaboration with the Insitute for Biomedical Engineering.

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