GyroTools - Magnetic Resonance Solutions
GyroTools - Magnetic Resonance Solutions
Advancing Magnetic Resonance Diagnostics   

  R1     Research Tools and Data Handling Course (September 2009, Zurich)

Targeting basic and clinical scientists, this 5-day course provides background knowledge and hands-on of several research options allowing the temporary modification of pulse sequences, diagnosis of image artifacts, handling of different image and research data formats, connecting hardware to the system, and post-processing using the PRIDE platform or ReconFrame.

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  R2     Pulse Programming Course (16-20.3.2009, Zurich)

Intended for basic scientists who wish to modify MR scan software, this 5-day course provides background information about the Philips MR system and introduces to practical pulse programming including extended exercises and hands-on.

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  S1     Advanced Spectroscopy Course

Advanced Spectroscopy Courses provided by the Insitute for Biomedical Engineering.

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